How to Say “I love you” in Japanese

私は貴方を愛しています-Japanese for I love you

On this post, I show you how to say “I love you” in Japanese. Because many foreign people wants to know how to say this English phrase in Japanese.

If we translate “I love you” at a school, we say “私は貴方を愛しています(わたしは あなたを あいして います-watashiha anatawo aishite imasu)”. However when a male confesses to a female, usally we say “君が好きだよ (きみが すきだよ-kimiga sukidayo)” or just “好きだよ”. Or “君を愛してる (きみを あいしてる-kimiwo aishiteru)” or just “愛してる”. And when a female tells to a male, we use the first sample phrase “私は貴方を愛しています” or “私は貴方が好きなんです (わたしは あなたが すきなんです-watashiha anataga sukinandesu)” or just “私は貴方が好き”.

And lastly we say “私をもう一度愛して (わたしを もういちど あいして-watashiwo mouichido aishite)” for the English phrase “Love Me Again”.

And the followings are some vertical versions of above some Japanese phrases.


Here are some “love” related Japanese word images.


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