Love in Kanji

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We have several Kanji words related to “love” in Japan. Following Kanji words are a few example of them.

  • (あい)– love
  • 愛情(あいじょう)– mind of love
  • 愛息(あいそく)– lovely son
  • 愛嬢(あいじょう)– lovely daughter
  • 愛染明王(あいぜんみょうおう) god of love in Buddhism
  • (こい)– love between man and woman
  • 恋愛(れんあい)– love between man and woman
  • 恋人(こいびと)– lover

If you can read Hiragana, you can pronounce each kanji word by reading Hiragana of parenthesis.


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