Japanese Word Images for Beauty

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Japanese Kanji for Beauty

美 means Beauty

In Japan we use the character “美(び-bi)” for the English word “Beauty”.

Usually this kanji is used with other kanji to form popularly used words such as “美人(びじん-bijin)”,”美女(びじょ-bijo)”, “美声(びせい-bisei)” or “美術(びじゅつ-bijutsu)”. The word “美人” means Beautiful person (most of the time we use for female), “美女” means beautiful lady, “美声” means good voice and “美術” means art.

And also we use this letter like following example; “美しい花(うつくしいはな-utsukushiihana)”. “美しい” means beautiful and “花” means flower. In this case we pronounce the letter “美” as “utsuku (shii)” (not “bi”).

Japanese Word for Beautiful Person

美人 means Beautiful Person

Japanese Word for Beautiful Lady

美女 means Beautiful Lady

Japanese Word for Good Voice

美声 means Good Voice

Japanese Word for Art

美術 means Art

Japanese Word for Beautiful Flower

美しい花 means Beautiful Flower

Kanji Stroke Order for 美

Stroke Order for 美

Stroke Order for 美


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