Image of Japanese Kanji for Samurai

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侍- Kanji for samurai

The Japanese Kanji “侍 (さむらい-samurai orはべる-haberu)” means “Samurai” or “serve to” other. We have several words in which the kanji “侍” is used. Here are some examples;

“侍従 (じじゅう-jijuu)” means a person who serves for emperor or nobleman.

“侍臣 (じしん-jishin)” means a person who serves or works for his lord.

“侍医 (じい-jii)” means a doctor who serves for emperor.

Kanji Stroke Order for 侍

Japanese Word for Samurai

Stroke Order for 侍


  1. […] in these example words, "武士", "武者" and "武家" are mainly used for Japanese "侍(さむらい-samurai). And the word "勇士" is also used for […]

  2. Sean Wilson says:


    Can anyone help I want a phrase translated into Japanese symbols for a tattoo. ‘A warrior is worthless unless he rises above the rest and stays strong in the midst of a storm’ would appreciate any help

    • admin says:

      Hi Sean
      Thank you for visiting my site.
      I tried to translate your Sentence into Japanese and I sent this Japanese sentence images to your email address.
      戦士たる者 戦乱の中では他者の上に立ち その強さを維持できなければ 無価値である。
      If you like this one, please use for your tattoo.