Japanese Words for Wisdom and Knowledge

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Kanji Chie - Wisdom

Kanji Chie means Wisdom

In Japan usually we use the word “知恵(ちえ – chie)” for the English word “wisdom” and we use “知識(ちしき – chishiki)” for the English word “knowledge”. But there are a few more similar words in Japanese for these two English words.

Kanji Chishiki - Knowledge

Kanji Chishiki means Knowledge

Kanji Eichi - Wisdom

Kanji Eichi means Wisdom

Kanji Chishiki - Wisdom

Kanji Chishiki means Wisdom used in Buddhism

For the word “wisdom” we also use “叡智(えいち – eichi)” or “智識(ちしき – chishiki)”(“智識” is a word which is used in Buddhism) in Japanese.

And for the word “knowledge” we also use “学力(がくりょく – gakuryoku)” or “人知(じんち – jinchi)” etc in Japanese language.

Kanji Kenja - Wise Man

Kanji Kenja means Wise Man

And we use the word “賢者(けんじゃ – kenja)” for expressing the word “wise man(who has enough wisdom)”.

The following sentences are some examples in which I use some of above words.

  • “人は、知識だけを蓄えてもだめだ(hito ha, chishiki dake wo takuwaetemo dameda)” – As a human being, it is not enough only to acquire knowledge.
  • “世界は賢者によって救われるだろう(sekai ha kenja ni yotte sukuwareru darou)” – The world would be saved by a wise man.

Kanji Stroke Order for 賢者

Stroke Order for 賢者

Stroke Order for 賢者


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