0134-Jouyou-kanji “加” Stroke Order and Meanings

“Addition” or “Increase” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “加”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “加” means “Join”, “Addition” or “Canada” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "加"

Jouyou Kanji “加”

Jouyou Kanji "加" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “加” Stroke Order

Stroke # 5 Strokes
On-Yomi か(ka)
Kun-Yomi くわ(える)(kuwa(eru))
Meanings Add, Sum up, Increase
Moreover, In addition
Addition (mathematics)
Short form of “加奈陀(Canada)”

Kanji words which contain Kanji “加”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
加害者(かがいしゃ-ka ga i sha) Assailant, Perpetrator, Wrong-doer, Aggressor
加冠(かかん-ka ka n) Crowning a boy with a traditional cap for the first time at a coming-of-age ceremony
加減(かげん-ka ge n) ① Adjustment, Moderation, ② Addition and subtraction, ③ Health condition
加護(かご-ka go) ① Divine protection, Blessing, ② Guardianship
加工(かこう-ka ko u) Manufacturing, Processing, Treatment, Machining
加工品(かこうひん-ka ko u hi n) Processed goods
加算(かさん-ka sa n) Addition
加餐(かさん-ka sa n) Caring for one’s health
加持(かじ-ka ji) Faith healing, Faith cure, Incantation
加持祈禱(かじきとう-ka ji ki to u) Incantation and prayer
加重(かじゅう-ka ju u) Weighting, Aggravation, Addition, Summation
加除(かじょ-ka jo) Insertion and deletion
加勢(かせい-ka se i) Backing up, Support, Help, Assistance, Aid, Reinforcements
加増(かぞう-ka zo u) Increase, Addition, Augment
加速度(かそくど-ka so ku do) Acceleration
加答児(かたる-ka ta ru) Catarrh
加担(かたん-ka ta n) Support, Participation, Assistance, Complicity, Conspiracy
加特力(かとりっく-ka to ri kku) Catholic, Catholicism
加入(かにゅう-ka nyu u) Affiliation, Participation, Joining, Becoming a member, Entry, Admission, Subscription
加熱(かねつ-ka ne tsu) Heating, Application of heat
加年(かねん-ka ne n) Adding years
加筆(かひつ-ka hi tsu) Correction, Touching up, Rectification, Interpolation
加法(かほう-ka ho u) Addition, Plus
加俸(かほう-ka ho u) Extra allowance, Additional allowance
加味(かみ-ka mi) ① Seasoning, Flavoring, ② Addition, Inclusion, Taking into account
加盟(かめい-ka me i) Joining (an association, agreement etc), Participation, Affiliation, Accession
加薬(かやく-ka ya ku) ① Spices, Condiments, Seasoning, ② Adjuvant (in Chinese medicine), Addition of an adjuvant, ③ Meat, fish, vegetables etc added to rice or udon
加養(かよう-ka yo u) Caring for the sick, Taking care of oneself
加療(かりょう-ka ryo u) Medical treatment
加齢(かれい-ka re i) Aging, Growing older
加之(しかのみならず-shi ka no mi na ra zu) Not only … but also, Also
参加(さんか-sa n ka) Participation, Joining, Entry
増加(ぞうか-zo u ka) Increase, Growth, Addition, Increment
追加(ついか-tsu i ka) Supplement, Addition
添加(てんか-te n ka) Addition
倍加(ばいか-ba i ka) Polyploidize, Doubling, Multiplication, Redoubling
付加(ふか-fu ka) Addition, Annexation, Appendage
冥加(みょうが-myo u ga) ① Divine protection, Divine blessing, Providence, ② Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky, ③ Monetary offering (to a temple or shrine)
累加(るいか-ru i ka) Accumulation, Repeated addition, Cumulation


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