Japanese Words for Kid and Baby

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Japanese Kanji for Kids

Japanese Kanji for Kids

The word “子供(こども – kodomo)” is most widely used for representing young kid. And the word “子供達(こどもたち – kodomotachi)” is a plural version of “子供”. (The kanji character “達(たち – tachi)” is used for expressing multiple creatures).

And for expressing boys, we use “男児(だんじ – danji)” and for expressing girls, we use “女児(じょじ – joji)”. The Kanji “男” means male and the kanji “女” means female.

And I think usually we use the word “幼児(ようじ – youji)” for the English word “toddler”.

And for baby we mainly use the word “赤ちゃん(あかちゃん – akachan)” in conversation but also “赤ん坊(あかんぼう – akanbou)” and “赤子(あかご – akago)” are popularly used for the word “baby”.

Japanese Kanji for Toddler

Japanese Kanji for Toddler

Japanese Word for Baby

Akachan – Japanese Word for Baby

The following sentences are examples of the usage of these Japanese words.

  • “近所の子供たちは、いつも公園で遊んでいます(kinjo no kodomo tachi ha, itsu mo kouen de asonde imasu).” – The kids of my neighbor are always playing in the park.
  • “歩き始めたばかりの幼児には、親は絶えず注意を払うことが必要です(aruki hajimeta bakari no youji niha, oya ha taezu chuui wo harau kotoga hitsuyou desu).” – The parents have to pay constant attention on their toddler who just started walking.
  • “私の赤ちゃんは、女の子です(watashi no akachan ha, onnanoko desu).” – My baby is a girl.

Kanji Stroke Order for 子供

Stroke Order for 子供

Stroke Order for 子供


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