Japanese Word Images for Power and related Words

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Japanese Word for Power

力 means Power

In Japan we use the character “力(ちから-chikara or りき-riki or りょく-ryoku)” for the English word “power”. We use like this; 彼は力が強い(かれは ちからが つよい-karewa chikaraga tsuyoi). This sentence means “He has strong power”.

We have many words in which this character is contained. Here are some examples; “引力(いんりょく-inryoku)” means “Gravity”, “武力(ぶりょく-buryoku)” means “Force”, “努力(どりょく-doryoku)” means” Effort”, “知力(ちりょく-chiryoku)” means “Intelligence”, “暴力(ぼうりょく-bouryoku)” means “Violence” etc.

Japanese Word for Gravity

引力 means Gravity

Japanese Word for Force

武力 means Force

Japanese Word for Effort

努力 means Effort

Japanese Word for Intelligence

知力 means Intelligence

Japanese Word for Violence

暴力 means Violence

Kanji Stroke Order for 引力

Stroke Order for 引力

Stroke Order for 引力


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