Japanese Word Images for General (for Military)

Japanese Word for General

将軍 means Top of Samurais

In Japan we used to use the word “将軍(しょうぐん-shougun)” for the top of Samurai. “将軍” was appointed by the Emperor to control all of the nations and especially samurais as a top of Samurai Military. So we often translate “将軍” as “General” in English. The formal word of this “将軍” is “征夷大将軍(せいいたいしょうぐん-seiitaishougun)”.

And also we have similar word “大将(たいしょう-taishou)” which is used popularly to express the top of a military group.

征夷大将軍 - Top of Samurai

征夷大将軍 means Top of Samurai Warriors

Japanese Word for General

大将 means General

Kanji Stroke Order for 将軍

Stroke Order for 将軍

Stroke Order for 将軍


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