Japanese Word Images for Buddhist Enlightenment

Japanese Word for Enlightenment

悟り means Buddhism Enlightenment

In Japan we use following word “悟り(さとり-satori)” for the English word “Buddhist Enlightenment”.

And also we often use “開眼(かいがん-kaigan)” in Buddhism especially in “禅宗(ぜんしゅう-zenshuu)-Zen Sect (or Zen Buddhism)”. This word “開眼” is usually translated as “Spiritual Awakening”. So the meanings of these two words are almost same. Because the person who got “悟り(Buddhist Enlightenment)” is the person who is “Spiritually Awakened”.

Japanese Word for Spiritual-awakening

開眼 means Spiritual Awakening

Japanese Word for Zen

禅 means Zen

Japanese Word for Zen Buddhism

禅宗 means Zen Sect

Kanji Stroke Order for 悟り

Stroke Order for 悟り

Stroke Order for 悟り


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