Japanese Kanji Images for Faith and Related Words

信頼 - Kanji for faith

The Japanese Kanji “信頼 (しんらい – shinrai)” means faith and the kanji “信” means trust and “頼” means depend. And the following kanji words are “faith” related Kanji words.

  • 信念 (しんねん – shinnen)” means firmly belief in one’s mind. The kanji “念” means sense or idea.
  • 信仰 (しんこう – shinkou)” means to believe in some religion. The kanji “仰” means respect.
  • 信義 (しんぎ – shingi)” means trustful right mind. The kanji “義” means correct act as a moral human.
  • So all of above four Japanese words (信頼, 信念, 信仰, 信義) could be translated as faith but the following one is an opposite meaning words.

  • 背信 (はいしん – haishin)” means betrayal. The kanji “背” means back (of our body).

Kanji Stroke Order for 信頼

Japanese Word for Faith

Stroke Order for 信頼


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