Image of Japanese Kanji for Wolf and Related Words

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狼- Kanji for Wolf

The Japanese Kanji “狼 (おおかみ-ookami)” means “wolf”. We also pronounce “狼” as “ろう-rou” with other kanji like “狼煙 (ろうえん-rouen or のろし-noroshi)”,”狼火 (ろうか-rouka)”,”狼狽 (ろうばい-roubai)” and “狼藉 (ろうぜき rouzeki)”.

“狼煙” and “狼火” are same meaning and means “a smoke for signal”. “狼狽” means “be upset” or “in a panic” etc and “狼藉” means “riot”.

Stroke Order for 狼

Japanese Word for Wolf

Stroke Order for 狼


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