“du” for Hiragana and Katakana

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Hiragana "づ-zu"

Hiragana “づ-zu”

Hiragana "づ-zu" Stroke Order

Hiragana “づ-zu” Stroke Order

This is “du” for Hiragana.

Katakana "ヅ-zu"

Katakana “ヅ-zu”

Katakana "ヅ-zu" Stroke Order

Katakana “ヅ-zu” Stroke Order

This is “du” for Katakana.

These “づ” and “ヅ” are same pronunciation of “ず” and “ズ” and we mainly use “ず” and “ズ” in our daily Japanese sentences. But like “ぢ” and “ヂ” and “じ” and “ジ” relationship, the following 2 cases we have to use “づ” and “ヅ” if you want to write correct Japanese.

  1. Only the words in which same two characters appear successively in a word, we use “づ” and “ヅ”.
  2. And when two words are combined and created new word, we use “づ” and “ヅ”.

For example

Example 1. 続く(つづく)– 続く(continue)

Example 2. 道連れ (みちづれ)– 道(road), 連れ(together)

Hiragana and Katakana Stroke Orders

Please click here for referring the stroke orders of all Hiragana and Katakana characters.


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