0462-Jouyou-kanji “君” Stroke Order and Meanings

0462-Jouyou-kanji “君” Stroke Order and Meanings

Jouyou Kanji "君"

Jouyou Kanji “君”

Jouyou Kanji "君" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “君” Stroke Order

Stroke # 7 Strokes
On-Yomi くん(kun)
Kun-Yomi きみ(kimi)
Meanings Monarch, Sovereign, Ruler
Word for respect ancestors, Word for higher rank relatives
Term for respect (for friends or inferiors(ex: 田中君(Tanaka-kun)))

Kanji words which contain Kanji “君”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
君王(くんおう-ku n o u) Monarch, King, Ruler
君子(くんし-ku n shi) Man of virtue, Wise man, Person of high rank
君主制(くんしゅせい-ku n shu se i) Monarchy
君臣(くんしん-ku n shi n) Sovereign and subject, Lord and vassal, Ruler and ruled, Master and servant
君命(くんめい-ku n me i) Orders of one’s lord, Lord’s order
君臨(くんりん-ku n ri n) Reign, Govern, Rule, Dominating the nation as a monarch
寡君(かくん-ka ku n) Humbles word about his lord when one mention about his lord to other countries people
細君(さいくん-sa i ku n) Wife
主君(しゅくん-shu ku n) Lord, Master
諸君(しょくん-sho ku n) You guys, Gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen


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