The Universe and Stars Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

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宇宙- Kanji for cosmos

The Kanji word “宇宙 (うちゅう – uchuu)” means the universe or cosmos. The following kanji words are planets and the cosmos related Japanese Kanji words.

  • 太陽 (たいよう – taiyou) – means sun and sometime we also call it “御日様 (おひさま – ohisama) ” and in this word, the kanji “ (ひ – hi or にち – nichi)” means the sun.

  • (つき – tsuki) – means moon.

  • 火星 (かせい – kasei) – means Mars.

  • 水星 (すいせい – suisei) – means Mercury.

  • 木星 (もくせい – mokusei) – means Jupiter.

  • 金星 (きんせい – kinsei) – means Venus.

  • 土星 (どせい – dosei) – means Saturn.

  • 地球 (ちきゅう – chikyuu) – means the earth.

  • 天王星 (てんおうせい – tenousei) – means Uranus.

  • 海王星 (かいおうせい – kaiousei) – means Neptune.

  • 銀河系 (ぎんがけい – gingakei) – means Galaxy.

  • 彗星 (すいせい – suisei-s) – means Comet. The pronunciations of 彗星 and 水星 are same.

  • 天の川 (あまのかわ – amanokawa) – means The Milky Way.

  • 惑星 (わくせい – wakusei) – means Planet.

  • 恒星 (こうせい – kousei) – means fixed star.

  • (ほし – hoshi) – means star.

Please compare the words of Japanese weekdays and the above lists from the 太陽 (日) to the 土星. As you can easily find, we use the sun, moon and some planets names for the names of each day of week in Japan. The sun is for Sunday, moon is for Monday, Mars is for Tuesday, Mercury is for Wednesday, Jupiter is for Thursday, Venus is for Friday and Saturn is for Saturday.

And not only the names of each weekday, we use the kanji 月 (moon) and 日 (sun) for expressing months and days like this; 10 月 2 日 (じゅうがつ ふつか – juu gatsu futsu ka) – October 2nd, in Japan.

Kanji Stroke Order for 宇宙

Japanese Word for Universe

Stroke Order for 宇宙


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