Japanese Word Images for Mercy

Japanese Word for Mercy

慈悲 means Mercy or Compassion

In Japan we use the word “慈悲(じひ-jihi)” for the English word “Mercy” when we translate the word “Mercy” to Japanese. And we have similar meaning word for “慈悲”. The following words are some examples; “慈心(じしん-jishin)[means “mercy” or “Benevolence”]”, “容赦(ようしゃ-yousha)[means “Pardon” or “Merdy”]” and “哀れみ(あわれみ-awaremi)[means “Mercy” or “Pity”]”. And we have several other similar meaning words for these words so if you interested in other words or their images, just let me know through contact page of this site.

Japanese Word for Mercy

慈心 means Mercy or Benevolence

Japanese Word for Pardon

容赦 means pardon or mercy

Japanese Word for Pity

哀れみ means Pity or Mercy

Kanji Stroke Order for 慈悲

Stroke Order for 慈悲

Stroke Order for 慈悲


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