0041-Jouyou-kanji “一” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“One” or “First” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “一”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “一” means “Best”, “Beginning” or “Ace” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "一"

Jouyou Kanji “一”

Jouyou Kanji "一" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “一” Stroke Order

Stroke # 1 Strokes
On-Yomi いち(ichi)
Kun-Yomi ひと(つ)(hito(tsu))
Meanings One, Once
First, Beginning
Same, Unify
A little, Slight

Kanji words which contain Kanji “一”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
一握(いちあく-i chi a ku) Handful, Fistful, Smattering
一意(いちい-i chi i) ① One meaning, One thought, ② Wholeheartedly, Single-mindedly, Devotedly, ③ Unambiguity
一意専心(いちいせんしん-i chi i se n shi n) Single-mindedly, Wholeheartedly, With all one’s heart, With one’s heart and soul
一葦(いちい-i chi i) ① Small boat, ② One reed, ③ One person
一衣帯水(いちいたいすい-i chi i ta i su i) Narrow channel
一々(いちいち-i chi i chi) One-by-one, Separately, Every single, Each and every, Without omission, Fully, In detail
一因(いちいん-i chi i n) One cause, One reason, One factor
一員(いちいん-i chi i n) One member
一宇(いちう-i chi u) One house, One roof
一栄一落(いちえいいちらく-i chi e i i chi ra ku) Rise and fall, Vicissitudes
一円(いちえん-i chi e n) Throughout an area, Whole district
一往 or 一応(いちおう-i chi o u) ① Tentatively, For the time being, ② More or less, Though not quite satisfactorily, After a fashion, Pretty much, ③ Just in case, ④ once
一概に(いちがいに-i chi ga i ni) Unconditionally, As a rule, Sweepingly, Indiscriminately, Unqualifiedly
一丸(いちがん-i chi ga n)
一義(いちぎ-i chi gi) ① One meaning, ② Primary importance, Primary significance, Primary consideration, ③ A reason, A truth
一議(いちぎ-i chi gi) One discussion, One meeting, One conference
一隅(いちぐう-i chi gu u) One corner, A nook
一軍(いちぐん-i chi gu n) ① One army, Whole army, ② First string players
一元(いちげん-i chi ge n) Unitary
一元論(いちげんろん-i chi ge n ro n) Monism, Unitarism, Mechanism
一言(いちげん or いちごん-i chi ge n (or) i chi go n) Single word, A few words, Brief comment
一言居士(いちげんこじ-i chi ge n ko ji) A person who has something to say on anything and everything
一言半句(いちげんはんく-i chi ge n ha n ku) A single word, Not even a word, Not even a syllable
一言以てこれを蔽う(いちげんもってこれをおおう-i chi ge n mo tte ko re wo o o u) Express the whole meaning in one word
一見識(いちけんしき-i chi ke n shi ki) Well-informed opinion, An opinion that is highly favorable in regard to someone or something
一毫(いちごう-i chi go u) A small piece or quantity of something, Spot, Bit
一次(いちじ-i chi ji) First order, 1st, First, Primary
一時(いちじ-i chi ji) ① One o’clock, ② Once, At one time, Formerly, Before, ③ A time, One time, Once
一事が万事(いちじがばんじ-i chi ji ga ba n ji) Seen it once seen it all, A single instance indicates what happens all the time, One case gives you an idea of what always happens
一字千金(いちじせんきん-i chi ji se n ki n) Word of great value
一日千秋(いちじつせんしゅう-i chi ji tsu se n shu u) Wait impatiently, Look forward eagerly to something, Be impatient for
一日千里(いちじつせんり-i chi ji tsu se n ri) Run a thousand miles in one day, Progress is extremely fast
一日の長(いちじつのちょう-i chi ji tsu no cho u) Slight superiority (in knowledge, experience, ability, etc), Being slightly older
一汁一菜(いちじゅういっさい-i chi ju u i ssa i) One-plate meal, Simple meal, Austerity diet
一巡(いちじゅん-i chi ju n) One round, One tour, One circuit, One patrol
一場(いちじょう-i chi jo u) One time, One place, One scene
一人(いちじん or いちにん-i chi ji n (or) i chi ni n) ① One person, ② Being alone, Being by oneself, ③ Being single, Being unmarried
一陣(いちじん-i chi ji n) ① Vanguard, ② Gust of wind, Squall
一存(いちぞん-i chi zo n) Own responsibility, Personal judgment, Judgement in personam
一朶(いちだ-i chi da) Hunk, Lump
一代(いちだい-i chi da i) One generation, One’s lifetime
一代記(いちだいき-i chi da i ki) Biography, Life story, Life history
一大事(いちだいじ-i chi da i ji) Crisis, Important matter, Matter of great importance, Serious affair, Major incident, Emergency
一諾千金(いちだくせんきん-i chi da se n ki n) One’s word is worth 1,000 pieces of gold, A promise should be kept at all cost
一団(いちだん-i chi da n) A group, A party, A body, A gang, A troupe, A troop
一段(いちだん-i chi da n) ① Even more, Still more, Much more, Further, ② One step, One rung, One level, One grade, One rank, ③ One paragraph, One passage
一段落(いちだんらく-i chi da n ra ku) ① Eeaching a stopping place, Settling down (before the next stage), Getting to a point where one can rest, ② One paragraph
一弾指(いちだんし-i chi da n shi) Brief moment, Twinkling of an eye, Instant
一同(いちどう-i chi do u) Everyone , All present, All concerned, All of us
一堂(いちどう-i chi do u) ① One building, One hall, One temple, One shrine, One room, ② Same room, Same place, Same building
一読(いちどく-i chi do ku) Read a book through, Look a report over, Perusal
一日(いちにち-i chi ni chi) ① One day, ② All day long, The whole day, From morning till night, ③ 1st day of the month
一入(いちにゅう-i chi nyu u) To enter inside once
一入(ひとしお-hi to shi o) ① Still more, Especially, Particularly, ② Prominently, Conspicuously
一如(いちにょ-i chi nyo) Oneness
一任(いちにん-i chi ni n) Entrustment, Entrusting everything to, Leaving a matter entirely with
一人者(いちにんしゃ-i chi ni n sha) Person who is of leading importance, The first person
一人者(ひとりもの-hi to ri mo no) Bachelor, Unmarried man
一人称(いちにんしょう-i chi ni n sho u) First person
一人前(いちにんまえ-i chi ni n ma e) ① One portion, One serving, ② Adult, Grown-up, Person who has come of age, ③ Fully fledged, Established, Qualified
一念(いちねん-i chi ne n) ① Determined purpose, ② An incredibly short span of time, ③ A single repetition of a prayer (esp. in Jodo-shu)
一年生草本(いちねんせいそうほん-i chi ne n se i so u ho n) Annual herb
一年草(いちねんそう-i chi ne n so u) Annual, Annual plant, Annual grass
一年の計は元旦にあり(いひねんのけいはがんたんにあり-i chi ne n no ke i ha ga n ta n ni a ri) The whole year’s plans should be made on New Year’s Day
一の上(いちのかみ-i chi no ka mi) Another name of “Minister of the Left” (official in Nara and Heian periods)
一の人(いちのひと-i chi no hi to) Chief adviser to an Emperor
一番(いちばん-i chi ba n) Number one, First, First place
一番槍(いちばんやり-i chi ba n ya ri) Spearhead of, Being the first to attack the enemy with a spear
一部(いちぶ-i chi bu) Part, Portion, Segment
一部始終(いちぶしじゅう-i chi bu shi ju u) All the details, Whole story, Everything (about), From beginning to end
一別(いちべつ-i chi be tsu) Parting
一瞥(いちべつ-i chi be tsu) Glance, Look in, Glimpse
一望(いちぼう-i chi bo u) Sweeping glance, Unbroken view
一望千里(いちぼうせんり-i chi bo u se n ri) Sweeping view of the eye, Boundless expanse
一枚看板(いちまいかんばん-i chi ma i ka n ba n) Leading player, Prima donna, Box-office star
一抹(いちまつ-i chi ma tsu) ① A touch (of sadness, unease, etc), A tinge (of), A hint (of), A wreath (of smoke, cloud, etc), ② A smear (of paint, ink, etc), One stroke (of a brush)
一味(いちみ-i chi mi) ① Clan, Partisans, Conspirators, Gang, Ring, Crew, ② Participation (e.g. in a plot), ③ One flavour, One charm
一名(いちめい-i chi me i) ① one person, ② Another name, Nickname, Alias
一命(いちめい-i chi me i) A life
一面(いちめん-i chi me n) ① One face, One surface, One aspect, One side, ② Whole surface, ③ On the other hand
一面識(いちめんしき-i chi me n shi ki) Passing acquaintance, Bowing acquaintance, Sight acquaintance
一毛作(いちもうさく-i chi mo u sa ku) One-crop system, Single cropping
一網打尽(いちもうだじん-i chi mo u da ji n) Round-up (e.g. of criminals), Wholesale arrest, Catching the whole herd with one throw
一目(いちもく-i chi mo ku) ① Glance, Look, Glimpse, ② One stone (in Go game), ③ One eye
一目(ひとめ-hi to me) ① Glance, Look, Glimpse, ② Complete view, Bird’s-eye view
一目散(いちもくさん-i chi mo ku sa n) Running at full speed, Going as fast as one can go
一目瞭然(いちもくりょうぜん-i chi mo ku ryo u ze n) Obvious, As clear as day, Plain to see
一目を置く(いちもくをおく-i chi mo ku wo o ku) To show respect and yield to someone who is better than you
一門(いちもん-i chi mo n) ① Family, Clan, Kin, ② Sect, School, Adherents, Followers, Disciples
一問一答(いちもんいっとう-i chi mo n i tto u) Series of questions and answers, Dialogue
一文不通(いちもんふつう-i chi mo n fu tsu u) Total illiteracy
一躍(いちやく-i chi ya ku) ① One bound, One leap, ② Suddenly (rising to fame etc), Instantly, Immediately
一揖(いちゆう-i chi yu u) Slight bow
一葉(いちよう-i chi yo u) ① One leaf, ② One page, One sheet, One card, One photo, ③ One boat
一葉落ちて天下の秋を知る(いちようおちててんかのあきをしる-i chi yo u o chi te te n ka no a ki wo shi ru) A falling leaf shows that autumn has come, A straw will show which way the wind blows
一様(いちよう-i chi yo u) Uniform, Equal, Even, Consistent
一陽来復(いちようらいふく-i chi yo u ra i fu ku) ① Winter solstice, ② Return of spring, Long-awaited, Favorable turn of fortune
一翼(いちよく-i chi yo ku) ① One wing, ② A role, One part
一覧(いちらん-i chi ra n) ① Look, Glance, Sight, Inspection, ② List, Table, Overview, Summary
一覧表(いちらんひょう-i chi ra n hyo u) Summary, Chart, Table, Synoptic table
一理(いちり-i chi ri) Principle, A reason, A point, Some truth
一利一害(いちりいちがい-i chi ri i chi ga i) Advantages and disadvantages, Gain some lose some
一律(いちりつ-i chi ri tsu) Uniformity, Equality, Indistinguishability, Identity, Identicalness
一里塚(いちりづか-i chi ri du ka) Milestone, Milepost
一流(いちりゅう-i chi ryu u) First-class, First-rate, Top-flight, Top-ranking, Leading, Top
一両(いちりょう-i chi ryo u) ① One vehicle, ② One ryō (an old Japanese coin)
一輪(いちりん-i chi ri n) ① One flower, ② One wheel, ③ Full moon
一縷(いちる-i chi ru) ① One thread, ② Slightest connection, Slender connection
一類(いちるい-i chi ru i) Same kind, Accomplices, Companions
一礼(いちれい-i chi re i) One bow, One salute, One greeting
一例(いちれい-i chi re i) An example, An instance
一連(いちれん-i chi re n) ① Series, Chain, Sequence, Single string, ② Ream (of paper
一蓮托生(いちれんたくしょう-i chi re n ta ku sho u) Sharing one’s lot with another, Being in the same boat
一路(いちろ-i chi ro) ① Straight, Directly, ② Voyage, Journey, Straight road
一を聞いて十を知る(いちをきいてじゅうをしる-i chi wo ki i te ju u wo shi ru) A word is enough to the wise, Half a word to a wise man is enough, To understand everything from only one part
一家(いっか-i kka) A family, A household
一家言(いっかげん-i kka ge n) Private opinion, Personal view, Personal opinion
一家団欒(いっかだんらん-i kka da n ra n) Happy family get-together
一過(いっか-i kka) Passing, Going past, Transient
一介(いっかい-i kka i) Mere, Only a, Nothing but
一角(いっかく-i kka ku) A corner, One section, One point, One part
一郭(いっかく-i kka ku) One block, Enclosure
一攫千金(いっかくせんきん-i kka ku se n ki n) Getting rich quick, Making a killing, Making a fortune at a single stroke
一括(いっかつ-i kka tsu) Lumping together, Summing up, Bundle, Lump, Consolidation
一喝(いっかつ-i kka tsu) ① Thundering cry, Loud rebuke, Bark, Roar, ② Rebuke used in Zen to achieve enlightenment
一巻(いっかん-i kka n) ① One book, One volume, One roll, ② First volume
一貫(いっかん-i kka n) ① Consistency, Coherence, Integration, ② Weight unit (一貫 is about 3.75 kg), ③ One piece of sushi
一環(いっかん-i kka n) ① A part (of a plan, campaign, activities, etc), ② Monocyclic
一気(いっき-i kki) One breath
一気呵成(いっきかせい-i kki ka se i) Finishing (writing, work, etc) at a stroke (stretch), Knocking something off without a break
一期(いっき-i kki) ① One term, One period, ② First term, First period
一期(いちご-i chi go) One’s whole life, One’s lifetime, Lifetime, Life, Lifespan
一揆(いっき-i kki) Riot and civil commotion, Revolt, Insurgence
一喜一憂(いっきいちゆう-i kki i chi yu u) Alternating between happiness and anxiety, Swinging between joy and sorrow, Being glad and sad by turns, Oscillating between optimism and pessimism
一掬(いっきく-i kki ku) Small amount, Little
一騎当千(いっきとうせん-i kki to u se n) Being a match for a thousand, Being a mighty warrior (combatant, player, etc)
一挙(いっきょ-i kkyo) One effort, One action
一挙一動(いっきょいちどう-i kkyo i chi do u) Every action, Everything one does
一挙手一投足(いっきょしゅいっとうそく-i kkyo u shu i tto u so ku) ① One’s every action, Every single move, ② Slight effort, Least trouble, Small amount of work
一挙両得(いっきょりょうとく-i kkyo ryo u to ku) Killing two birds with one stone, Serving two ends
一匡(いっきょう-i kkyo u) Unification of the country, Unification
一驚を喫する(いっきょうをきっする-i kkyo u wo ki ssu ru) Be surprised
一曲(いっきょく-i kkyo ku) A piece of music, A tune
一系(いっけい-i kkei) Single-family lineage
一計(いっけい-i kkei) Plan
一決(いっけつ-i kke tsu) Agreed, Settled
一件(いっけん-i kke n) A matter, One item, One case, An affair
一見(いっけん-i kke n) ① Look, Glimpse, Glance, ② Apparently, Seemingly, At first glance
一間(いっけん-i kke n) (Unit of length; 一間 is about 1.8m)
一軒屋 or 一軒家(いっけんや-i kke n ya) ① Detached house, Single house, Single building, ② Isolated house, House in isolated location
一己(いっこ-i kko) Personal, Private, oneself
一顧(いっこ-i kko) Slightest notice, Slightest consideration, Slightest attention, A little thought
一向(いっこう-i kko u) ① Completely, Absolutely, Totally, ② (Not) at all, (Not) a bit, (Not) in the least
一行(いっこう-i kko u) Party, Group, Troop, Company
一考(いっこう-i kko u) Consideration, Thought
一興(いっこう-i kko u) Occurrence (of something)
一興(いっきょう-i kkyo u) Fun, Brief entertainment, Amusement
一刻(いっこく-i kko ku) ① A moment, A minute, An instant, ② Stubborn, Obstinate
一刻千金(いっこくせんきん-i kko ku se n ki n) Every moment is precious, Time is money, Precious time
一献(いっこん-i kko n) A cup of sake
一切(いっさい-i ssa i) ① All, Everything, Entirety, Whole, ② At all, In the least, Least bit
一切衆生(いっさいしゅじょう-i ssa i shu u jo u) All sentient beings
一再(いっさい-i ssa i) Not once or twice, Once or twice, Repeatedly
一策(いっさく-i ssa ku) Idea, Plan
一昨昨日(いっさくさくじつ-i ssa ku sa ku ji tsu) Three days ago, Two days before yesterday
一昨日(いっさくじつ-i ssa ku ji tsu) The day before yesterday
一昨夜(いっさくや-i ssa ku ya) Night before last
一札(いっさつ-i ssa tsu) Signed statement, A document, A paper
一散に(いっさんに-i ssa n ni) At top speed, At full speed
一糸(いっし-u sshi) Thread, Strand, String
一糸纏わぬ(いっしまとわぬ-i sshi ma to wa nu) Stark naked
一糸乱れず(いっしみだれず-i sshi mi da re zu) To be in perfect order, In precise order
一式(いっしき-i sshi ki) Complete set, All, Everything
一子相伝(いっしそうでん-i sshi so u de n) Transmission of the secrets of an art, craft, trade or learning from father to only one child
一視同仁(いっしどうじん-i sshi n dou ji n) Loving every human being with impartiality, Universal brotherhood, Universal benevolence
一紙半銭(いっしはんせん-i sshi ha n se n) Small sum, Things of little value, Mere trifle
一瀉千里(いっしゃせんり-i ssha se n ri) One swift effort, Rush through one’s work, Fast talking or fast writing etc
一種(いっしゅ-i sshu) ① A kind, A sort, A species, ② Sort of, Somewhat
一周(いっしゅう-i sshu u) One round, One circuit, One revolution, One lap, One turn
一周忌(いっしゅうき-i sshu u ki) First anniversary of a person’s death
一週(いっしゅう-i sshu u) One week
一蹴(いっしゅう-i sshu u) ① Flatly rejecting, Curtly refusing, Brushing aside, ② Beating easily, Defeating handily, ③ One kick (original meaning)
一宿(いっしゅく-i sshu ku) Staying one night
一宿一飯(いっしゅくいっぱん-i sshu ku i ppa n) A night’s lodging and a meal, Being allowed to stay overnight and being served a meal once
一瞬(いっしゅん-i sshu n) Instant, Moment, For an instant
一緒(いっしょ-i ssho) ① Together, ② At the same time, ③ Same, Identical
一生(いっしょう-i ssho u) Whole life, Lifetime, All through life, One existence
一生涯(いっしょうがい-i ssho u ga i) Lifetime, One’s whole life, All through life
一笑(いっしょう-i ssho u) Smiling, Smile, Grinning, Grin
一将功なりて万骨枯る(いっしょうこうなりてばんこつかる-i ssho u ko u na ri te ba n ko tsu ka ru) Behind the brilliant achievements of one general, there are many soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield
一唱三嘆 or 一倡三歎(いっしょうさんたん-i ssho u sa n ta n) One reading (of a poem aloud) leaves one with ceaseless sighs of admiration
一触即発(いっしょくそくはつ-i ssho ku so ku ha tsu) Critical (touch and go) situation, Explosive situation
一所懸命(いっしょけんめい-i ssho ke n me i) ① Very hard, With utmost effort, As hard as one can, With all one’s might, Desperately, ② Devoting oneself to one’s territory
一矢を報いる(いっしをむくいる-i sshi wo mu ku i ru) To retaliate, To return a blow, To strike back at, To retort
一心(いっしん-i sshi n) ① One mind, ② Wholeheartedness, One’s whole heart
一心同体(いっしんどうたい-i sshi n do u ta i) Being one in body and soul, Of one flesh, Two hearts beating as one
一心不乱(いっしんふらん-i sshi n fu ra n) Wholeheartedly, With heart and soul, Intently, With undivided attention, With intense concentration, Single-mindedly
一身(いっしん-i sshi n) Oneself, One’s body
一新(いっしん-i sshi n) Refurbishment, Complete change, Reform, Restoration, Remodeling, Renewal
一新紀元(いっしんきげん-i sshi n ki ge n) New era, New age
一審(いっしん-i sshi n) First trial, First instance
一進一退(いっしんいったい-i sshi n i tta i) Now advancing and now retreating, Roller-coaster slide and surge, Up and down, Advance and retreat
一神教(いっしんきょう-i sshi n kyo u) Monotheism
一睡(いっすい-i ssu i) Snooze, Drowse, Doze
一炊の夢(いっすいのゆめ-i ssu i no yu me) Empty dream
一寸(いっすん-i ssu n) ① A trifle, A bit, A little, More or less, Somewhat, Slightly, For a while, Awhile, ② Unit word for length (1 sun is about 3 cm)
一寸先は闇(いっすんさきはやみ-i ssu n sa ki wa ya mi) No one knows what the future holds, The future is a closed book, One sun (unit of measurement) ahead is darkness
一寸の光陰(いっすんのこういん-i ssu n no ko u i n) A small amount of time
一寸法師(いっすんぼうし-i ssu n bo u shi) Dwarf, Midget, Elf, Tom Thumb, Jack Sprat
一斉(いっせい-i sse i) Simultaneous, All at once
一世(いっせい or いっせ-i sse i (or) i sse) ① Generation, Lifetime, ② The first (e.g. Elizabeth I), ③ First-generation
一世紀(いっせいき-i sse i ki) One century
一世一代(いっせいちだい-i sse i chi da i) Once in a lifetime, The first and last occurrence (event, experience) of one’s lifetime
一夕(いっせき-i sse ki) One evening, Some evenings
一夕話(いっせきわ-i sse ki wa) Short story, Short-story writer
一石(いっせき-i sse ki) ① One stone, ② One game (of go)
一石(いっこく-i kko ku) One koku (unit word for volume)
一石二鳥(いっせきにちょう-i sse ki ni cho u) Killing two birds with one stone
一昔(いっせき-i sse ki) An age ago, A long time ago, A decade ago
一席(いっせき-i sse ki) ① A seat, Sitting, ② Feast, ③ A speech
一隻(いっせき-i sse ki) One boat, One ship
一隻眼(いっせきがん-i sse ki ga n) ① Discerning eye, Critical eye, ② One eye
一節(いっせつ-i sse tsu) One passage, One paragraph, One stanza, One verse, One section (of a piece of music), One syllable
一説(いっせつ-i sse tsu) One theory, One opinion, Another theory
一洗(いっせん-i sse n) Thoroughly wash away
一閃(いっせん-i sse n) Flash, A glance of