Tiger (虎) Related Japanese Kanji & Images

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Kanji tiger - 虎

The Japanese Kanji 虎 (とら – tora or こ – ko) means tiger. Following kanji words are 虎-tiger related words. And Tiger is one of twelve 干支 (えと- eto) of Japanese Zodiac.

竜虎 (りゅうこ – ryuuko) means two strong heroes.

白虎 (びゃっこ – byakko) is one of four God Beast and in China and East Asia countries we consider 白虎 controls or governs west area. 白虎 means white tiger.

The other three God Beasts are;

  • 青龍 (せいりゅう – seiryuu) – Blue Dragon and governs east area.

  • 朱雀 (すざく – suzaku) – Red Bird and governs south area.

  • 玄武 (げんぶ – genbu) – Black Turtle with Snake and governs north area.

Kanji Stroke Order for 虎

Japanese Word for Tiger

Stroke Order for 虎


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