Japanese Words Which Contain Japanese Kanji “萎”

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The Japanese Kanji “萎(い – I orな(える)- na (eru))” has meanings of “wither or weaken”. And the following Japanese character images are some example of Japanese words which contain the Kanji “萎”. This Kanji “萎” is often used one but the words that contain this kanji are not many. I found only following two words.

萎縮-Kanji for shrivel or shrink

The Japanese word “萎縮(いしゅく– ishuku)” means “shrink or shrivel”.

萎靡-Kanji for decline or decay

The Japanese word “萎靡(いび– ibi)” means ” decline or decay”.

Kanji Stroke Order for 萎

Stroke Order for 萎

Stroke Order for 萎


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