Japanese Words Which Contain Japanese Kanji “偉”

The Japanese Kanji “偉(い – i or えら(い )- era (i))” has meanings of “great or excellent”. And the following Japanese character images are some example of Japanese words which contain the Kanji “偉”.

偉業 - Kanji for great work

The Japanese word “偉業(いぎょう – igyou)” means “great work or great achievement”.

偉才 - Kanji for great talent

The Japanese word “偉才(いさい – isai)” means “(a man of) great talent”. And we have a word “異才(いさい – isai)” which has same pronunciation and means (a man of) prodigy talent.

偉人 - Kanji for great man

The Japanese word “偉人(いじん – ijin)” means “great man”.

偉大 - Kanji for great

The Japanese word “偉大(いだい – idai)” means “great”.

偉容 - Kanji for dignity

The Japanese word “偉容(いよう – iyou)” means “dignity (state)”. And we have similar word “威容(いよう – iyou)” which has a same pronunciation and similar meaning “majesty (state)”.

Kanji Stroke Order for 偉

Stroke Order for 偉

Stroke Order for 偉


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