Japanese Word Images for Forever or Eternity

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Japanese Word for Forever

永遠 means Forever

In Japan we use following kanji characters “永遠(えいえん-eien)” for the English word “Forever”. And we have several similar meaning words for “永遠”. Here are some examples; “永久(えいきゅう-eikyuu)” means “Forever”, “悠久(ゆうきゅう-yuukyuu)” means “Eternity”, “永劫(えいごう-eigou)” means “Eon” , “久遠(くおん-kuon)” means “Eternity” etc.

Jpanese Word for Forever

永久 means Forever

Japanese Word for Eternity

悠久 means Eternity

Japanese Word for Eon (or Aeon)

永劫 means Eon

Japanese Word for Eternity

久遠 means Eternity

Kanji Stroke Order for 永遠

Stroke Order for 永遠

Stroke Order for 永遠


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