Japanese Word Images for Civilization

Japanese Word for Civilization

文明 means Civilization

In Japan we use the word “文明(ぶんめい-bunmei)” for the English word “Civilization” when we translate this words into Japanese. And we have some similar meaning words or related words for “文明”. The following words are some example words; “開化(かいかく-kaika)”[means Civilization], “文化(ぶんか-bunka)”[means Culture] and “教化(きょうか-kyouka)”[means Edification or Civilization] etc.

Japanese Word for Civilization

開化 means Civilization

Japanese Word for Edification

教化 means Edification or Civilization

Japanese Word for Culture

文化 means Culture

Kanji Stroke Order for 文明

Stroke Order for 文明

Stroke Order for 文明


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