Japanese Word Images for The English Word “Imagination”

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Japanese Word for Imagination

想像 means Imagination

We use “想像(そうぞう-souzou)” for translating English word “Imagination” into Japanese. And also in some case we use “仮想(かそう-kasou)” or “空想(くうそう-kuusou)” etc for translating “Imagination” depending on the contents of a sentence in which the word “Imagination” is used.

The main meaning of the word “仮想” is “Virtual” and the main meaning of the word “空想” is “Fancy” or “Fantasy” but occasionally we use these words for translating the word “Imagination” depending on its content of a sentence.

And the word “Imagination” is very popular in Japan, so we often use the word “イマジネーション(いまじねーしょん-imajineshon)” in our daily conversation or in translating the word “Imagination”. This Japanese word “イマジネーション” is just the pronunciation of “Imagination” and written in Japanese Katakana.

Japanese Word for Virtual

仮想 means Virtual

Japanese Word for Fantasy

空想 means Fantasy

Kanji Stroke Order for 想像

Stroke Order for 想像

Stroke Order for 想像