Japanese Word Image for The English Word “Music”

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Japanese Word for Music

音楽 means Music

We use this Japanese Kanji word “音楽(おんがく-ongaku)” for translating English word “Music” into Japanese. The kanji “音(いん, おん, おと or ね-in, on, oto or ne)” means “Sound” and the kanji “楽(がく, らく or たの(しい)-gaku, raku or tano(shii))” means “Ease”, “cheerful”, “happy” or “Comfort”. So the word “音楽” has meanings of “happy sound”, “comfortable sound” or “cheerful sound” etc. So I think this Japanese word “音楽” is very suitable word for translating the word “Music” into Japanese.

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Kanji Stroke Order for 音楽

Stroke Order for 音楽

Stroke Order for 音楽


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