Japanese Word for Confidence and Related Words

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Japanese Word for Confidence

信任 means Confidence

Japanese Word for Confidence

We use Japanese Kanji word “信任(しんにん-shinnin)” for translating English word “Confidence” into Japanese. I showed large Japanese kanji image of this Japanese word in left side of this page.

And we have a few some other Japanese words also used for “Confidence” such as “信頼(しんらい-shinrai)[also means “Trust”]”, “信用(しんよう-shinyou)[also means “Credit”]” and “確信(かくしん-kakushin)[also means “Conviction”]” etc.

These Japanese words are often used same way but in some case they are used differently depend on the situations especially the word “確信”.

And for the word “Self-Confidence”, we use kanji word “自信(じしん-jishin)” in Japan.

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Japanese Word for Credit

信用 means Credit

Japanese Word for Trust

信頼 means Trust

Japanese Word for Conviction

確信 means Conviction

Japanese Word for Self-Confidence

自信 means Self-Confidence

Kanji Stroke Order for 信任

Stroke order for 信任

Stroke order for 信任


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