Japanese Kanji & Images for Shake Hand and “握” Related Words

握手- Kanji for shake hand

The kanji word “握手 (あくしゅ – akushu)” means shake hand and the first kanji letter “ (あく – aku or にぎ – nigi)” means grasp. And we have a few kanji words which we use kanji “握” in them. The following words are some examples of them. (“手” means hand)

握力 (あくりょく – akuryoku)” mean grasping power.

掌握 (しょうあく – shouaku)” mean holding by hand or under control.

把握 (はあく – haaku)” mean grasp or understand.

For example, “私はこのプロジェクトについては、完全に把握しております- watashiha konopurojekutonitsuiteha kanzenni haakushiteorimasu.” – (I completely understand about this project.)

Kanji Stroke Order for 握手

Japanese Word for Shake Hand

Stroke Order for 握手


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