Japanese Kanji & Images for Devil and “悪” Related Words

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悪魔- Kanji for devil

The kanji word “悪魔 (あくま – akuma)” means devil and the first kanji character “ (あく – aku)” means badness. And we have several kanji words which we use kanji “悪” in them. The following words are some examples of them.

悪漢 (あっかん – akkan)” mean bad guy – hoodlum.

悪霊 (あくれい – akurei)” means evil spirit.

悪党 (あくとう – akutou)” means scoundrel.

悪巧み (わるだくみ – warudakumi)” means intrigue.

Kanji Stroke Order for 悪魔

Japanese Word for Devil

Stroke Order for 悪魔


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