Japanese Kanji “亜” and Related Words


The Kanji “亜(あ-a or つぐ-tsugu)” means next or 2nd so for Subtropical zones we write “亜熱帯“. But like as most of other Kanji letters, we use this kanji for creating some words which have pronunciation “あ” in it. For example, the words 亜米利加(あめりか)(–> America), 亜細亜(あじあ)(–> Asia), 亜剌比亜(あらびあ)(–> Arabia) and 亜爾然丁(あるぜんちん)(–> Argentina) are used Kanji character “亜” for creating similar pronunciation of each original word.

Kanji Stroke Order for 亜

Japanese Kanji 亜

Stroke Order for 亜


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