Japanese Greeting and Related Words

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On this post I show you some Japanese greeting “挨拶” (あいさつ – aisatsu) words so please try to pronounce them by reading the Hiragana word of each greeting word.

お早う御座います – Good Morning

“お早う御座います (おはようございます – ohayou gozaimasu)” is a Japanese morning greeting word and when you greet to your friends it is better to say “お早う (おはよう – ohayou) ” because “お早う御座います” is a little bit polite way of morning greeting.

今日は– Good Afternoon

“今日は (こんにちは – konnichiwa)” is a afternoon greeting word in Japan. Be careful the last letter “は” should be pronounced “wa” instead “ha”, because “今日は” is a shortened word of “今日は好い天気で (こんにちはよいてんきで)” and the “は” is used just after the subject word “今日” so we have to pronounce the “は” as “wa” as I mentioned before.

今晩は– Good Evening

“今晩は (こんばんは – konbanwa)” is a Japanese evening greeting word. As I mentioned just above, the letter “は” is also pronounced as “wa”.

おやすみ– Good Night

We say “おやすみ (oyasumi)” when we go to bed in Japan.


We use this word “行って来ます (いってきます – itte kimasu)” when we go out from home or office etc for something to do. This word is very popular word in Japan.


And when we come back from outside, we say “只今 (ただいま – tadaima)” for informing the safe return. And as the polite way, we say “只今帰りました (ただいまかえりました- tadaima kaerimasita)”.

頂きます and ご馳走様

Before we have some food or drink we say “頂きます (いただきます – itadakimasu)” and when we finish eating or drinking, we say “ご馳走様 (ごちそうさま – gochisousama)” in Japan.


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