1203-Jouyou-kanji “繕” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Repair” or “Patch” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “繕”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “繕” means “Repair”, “Mend” or “Reinforce” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "繕"

Jouyou Kanji “繕”

Jouyou Kanji "繕" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “繕” Stroke Order

Stroke # 18 Strokes
On-Yomi ぜん(zen)
Kun-Yomi つくろ(う)(tsukuro(u))
Meanings Repair, Mend, Patch, Reinforce
Rule, Govern
Write down, Transcribe

Kanji words which contain Kanji “繕”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
営繕(えいぜん-e i ze n) Building and repairs
修繕(しゅうぜん-shu u ze n) Mending, Repairing


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