1129-Jouyou-kanji “誠” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Faithful” or “Sincerity” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “誠”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “誠” means “Sincerity”, “Truth” or “Honesty” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "誠"

Jouyou Kanji “誠”

Jouyou Kanji "誠" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “誠” Stroke Order

Stroke # 13 Strokes
On-Yomi せい(sei)
Kun-Yomi まこと(makoto)
Meanings Sincerity, Truth, Faithful
Truly, Indeed, Really

Kanji words which contain Kanji “誠”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
誠意(せいい-se i i) Sincerity
誠実(せいじつ-se i ji tsu) Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity
誠心(せいしん-se i shi n) Sincerity, Earnestness
誠信(せいしん-se i shi n) Honesty, Honestness
誠正(せいせい-se i se i) Sincerity, Heartful honesty
誠忠(せいちゅう-se i chu u) Sincere loyalty
至誠(しせい-shi se i) Sincere devotion
純誠(じゅんせい-ju n se i) Pure sincerity
丹誠(たんせい-ta n se i) Working earnestly, Doing sincerely
忠誠(ちゅうせい-chu u se i) Sincere loyalty