1060-Jouyou-kanji “進” Stroke Order and Meanings

“Go forward” or “Move up” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “進”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “進” means “Evolution”, “Proceed” or “Go forward” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "進"

Jouyou Kanji “進”

Jouyou Kanji "進" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “進” Stroke Order

Stroke # 11 Strokes
On-Yomi しん(shin)
Kun-Yomi すす(む)(susu(mu))
Meanings Go forward, Advance, Proceed
Progress, Improve, Increase
Feel inclined
Be promoted, Move up
Present, Offer, Parting gift
Gain (for time of watches and clocks)

Kanji words which contain Kanji “進”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
進運(しんうん-shi n u n) Momentum of progress
進化(しんか-shi n ka) Evolution
進化論(しんかろん-shi n ka ro n) Theory of evolution
進学(しんがく-shi n ga ku) Go on to the next stage of education
進級(しんきゅう-shi n kyu u) Promotion
進境(しんきょう-shi n kyo u) Improved state, Progressed state, Improvement state
進軍(しんぐん-shi n gu n) Marching, March, Advance
進言(しんげん-shi n ge n) Advice, Suggestion
進行(しんこう-shi n ko u) Progression, Forward motion, Progress, Onward motion
進攻(しんこう-shi n ko u) Attack, Invasion
進航(しんこう-shi n ko u) Sailing on, Sail
進貢(しんこう-shi n ko u) Paying tribute
進講(しんこう-shi n ko u) Doing lectures in front of the emperor or nobles
進取(しんしゅ-shi n shu) Progressive, Enterprising
進出(しんしゅつ-shi n shu tsu) Foray, Penetration, Entering, Moving into (new area)


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