0958-Jouyou-kanji “除” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Omit” or “Remove” in Japanese kanji and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “除”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “除” means “Clear away”, “Get rid of” or “Omit” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "除"

Jouyou Kanji “除”

Jouyou Kanji "除" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “除” Stroke Order

Stroke # 10 Strokes
On-Yomi じょ(jo)
Kun-Yomi のぞ(く)(nozo(ku))
Meanings Remove, Get rid of, Omit
Brush off, Clear away, Expel
Appoint an official position
Division (mathematics)
New Year’s Eve

Kanji words which contain Kanji “除”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
除外(じょがい-jo ga i) Exclusion, Deselection, Omit
除官(じょかん-jo ka n) Dismissing the original official position and giving a new official position
除去(じょきょ-jo kyo) Removal, Elimination, Obviation
除数(じょすう-jo su u) Divisor
除籍(じょせき-jo se ki) Expulsions, Dismissals, Removing a name
除雪(じょせつ-jo se tsu) Clear away the snow, Snow-removal
除草(じょそう-jo so u) Weeding, Weed killing
除隊(じょたい-jo ta i) Military discharge
除虫菊(じょちゅうぎく-jo chu u gi ku) Pyrethrum
除法(じょほう-jo ho u) Division(calculation)
除幕(じょまく-jo ma ku) Unveiling
除名(じょめい-jo me i) Dismissal from membership, Expulsion, Excommunication
除夜(じょや-jo ya) New Year’s Eve


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