0437-Jouyou-kanji “僅” Stroke Order and Meanings

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0437-Jouyou-kanji “僅” Stroke Order and Meanings

Jouyou Kanji "僅"

Jouyou Kanji “僅”

Jouyou Kanji "僅" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “僅” Stroke Order

Stroke # 13 Strokes
On-Yomi きん(kin)
Kun-Yomi わず(か)(wazu(ka))
Meanings Slightly, A little, Little bit
Barely, Narrowly
Very close, Almost same

Kanji words which contain Kanji “僅”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
僅々(きんきん) Slightly, Merely, Only, Just, Only a few, Only a little, Barely, Narrowly
僅少(きんしょう) Little, Few, Slight, Insignificant
僅差(きんさ) Close difference, Narrow margin
僅か(わずか) Few, Little, Only, Merely