0191-Jouyou-kanji “解” Stroke Order and Meanings

“Solution” or “Answer” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji 解””

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “解” means “Explanation”, “Interpretation” or “Root (e.g. of a polynomial)” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "解"

Jouyou Kanji “解”

Jouyou Kanji "解" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “解” Stroke Order

Stroke # 13 Strokes
On-Yomi かい(kai)
Kun-Yomi と(く)(to(ku))
Meanings Come apart, Untie, Loosen
Solve, Make clear, Disclose, Reveal
Understand, Perceive, Become aware
Dismiss, Exempt
Make excuses
Annotation, Explanatory note

Kanji words which contain Kanji “解”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
解義(かいぎ-ka i gi) Explanation (of the meaning), Interpretation
解禁(かいきん-ka i ki n) ① Lifting of the ban, Opening (of the fishing, hunting etc), ② Revealing information
解決(かいけつ-ka i ke tsu) Settlement, Solution, Resolution
解雇(かいこ-ka i ko) Discharge, Dismissal, Firing , Layoff
解散(かいさん-ka i sa n) Dissolution, Breakup, Dispersal (e.g. of a crowd)
解屍(かいし-ka i shi) Dissecting a corpse
解字(かいじ-ka i ji) Explanation of a kanji
解釈(かいしゃく-ka i sha ku) Interpretation, Explanation, Construction
解除(かいじょ-ka i jo) Cancellation, Release, Dissolution, Rescinding, Rescission
解消(かいしょう-ka i sho u) Cancellation, Dissolution, Resolution
解職(かいしょく-ka i sho ku) Discharge, Dismissal
解析(かいせき-ka i se ki) Analysis, Analytical study, Parsing
解説(かいせつ-ka i se tsu) Explanation, Commentary, Exposition, Elucidation
解組(かいそ-ka i so) Breaking up an organization, Breaking up an organisation
解体(かいたい-ka i ta i) Disassembly, Overhaul, Wrecking, Dismantling, Deflocculation, Structural disintegration
解怠(かいたい-ka i ta i) Negligent, Fail
解題(かいだい-ka i da i) Annotation, Bibliographical note, Synopsis, Review of subject
解答(かいとう-ka i to u) Answer, Solution
解読(かいどく-ka i do ku) Decoding, Decipherment, Decryption
解任(かいにん-ka i ni n) Dismissal, Discharge, Removal
解版(かいはん-ka i ha n) Distribution of type
解放(かいほう-ka i ho u) Release, Unleashing, Liberation, Emancipation, Setting free
解剖(かいぼう-ka i bo u) Dissection, Autopsy, Postmortem examination, Anatomy
解明(かいめい-ka i me i) Elucidation, Explication, Explaining, Unravelling, Clarification, Understanding
解約(かいやく-ka i ya ku) Cancellation, Cancellation of contract, Termination
解纜(かいらん-ka i ra n) Unmooring, Sailing off
解脱(げだつ-ge da tsu) Nirvana, Liberation from earthly desires and the woes of man, Deliverance of one’s soul
解毒(げどく-ge do ku) Detoxication, Counteracting poison, Neutralizing poison
解熱(げねつ-ge ne tsu) Defervescence, Febrifuge, Lowering a fever, Alleviation of fever
一知半解(いっちはんかい-i cchi ha n ka i) Superficial knowledge, Half knowledge
瓦解(がかい-ga ka i) Collapse, Downfall, Debacle, Crash
曲解(きょっかい-kyo kka i) Misinterpretation, Misunderstanding, Perversion, Contortion, Misconstruction, Distortion
見解(けんかい-ke n ka i) View, Opinion, Pronouncement, Point of view, Consideration, Apprehension
誤解(ごかい-go ka i) Misunderstanding, Misapprehension, Misconception
詳解(しょうかい-sho u ka i) Detailed explanation, Minute explanation
精解(せいかい-se i ka i) (Often used in book titles) Detailed explanation
難解(なんかい-na n ka i) Difficult to understand, Unintelligible, Abstruse
氷解(ひょうかい-hyo u ka i) ① Being cleared (of doubt, misgivings etc), being dispelled, Melting away (of problem etc), ② Melting of ice
分解(ぶんかい-bu n ka i) Decomposition, Degradation, Dialysis, Dissolution, Taking apart, Breaking up, Analysis
弁解(べんかい-be n ka i) Explanation (e.g. for one’s actions), Excuse, Apology, Justification
明解(めいかい-me i ka i) Clear explanation, Clear solution, Lucid explanation
理解(りかい-ri ka i) Understanding, Comprehension, Appreciation
了解(りょうかい-ryo u ka i) ① Comprehension, Consent, Understanding, Agreement, ② OK, Roger
和解(わかい-wa ka i) ① Reconciliation, Amicable settlement, ② Court-mediated settlement, ③ Translation of a foreign language into Japanese


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