0187-Jouyou-kanji “開” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Open” or “Developing (culture)” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “開”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “開” means “Beginning”, “Uncover” or “Spread (one’s arms or legs etc)” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "開"

Jouyou Kanji “開”

Jouyou Kanji "開" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “開” Stroke Order

Stroke # 12 Strokes
On-Yomi かい(kai)
Kun-Yomi あ(ける)(a(keru))
Meanings Open
Cut one’s way, Open up, Cut through
Develop, Be civilized
Begin, Start
Gap, Difference
Break, Adjournment

Kanji words which contain Kanji “開”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
開運(かいうん-ka i u n) Improvement one’s fortune, Getting better fortune
開演(かいえん-ka i e n) Starting (a play), Opening of a performance, Raising the curtain of the stage for play
開化(かいか-ka i ka) Civilization, Enlightenment
開花(かいか-ka i ka) Blooming, Flowering, Blossoming, Coming into bloom
開会(かいかい-ka i ka i) Opening of a meeting, Opening of a session
開会式(かいかいしき-ka i ka i shi ki) Opening ceremony
開架式(かいかしき-ka i ka shi ki) Open shelf system of a library, Open stack system of a library
開館(かいかん-ka i ka n) Opening (of a new library, museum, cinema, hall etc)
開巻(かいかん-ka i ka n) Opening a book
開眼(かいがん-ka i ga n) ① Open one’s eyes, ② Gaining eyesight, Restoring eyesight
開眼(かいげん- ka i ge n) ① Enlightenment, Spiritual awakening, ② Filling out the eyes (of a Buddha) as the last step of consecrating a new statue or picture
開基(かいき-ka i ki) Founding (of a temple or sect), Founder, Foundation
開業(かいぎょう-ka i gyo u) Opening a business, Opening a practice
開業医(かいぎょうい-ka i gyo u i) Private clinician, Physician in private practice, Practicing physician, Medical practitioner
開局(かいきょく-ka i kyo ku) Opening (of a broadcasting station, post office, bureau etc)
開襟(かいきん-ka i ki n) ① Open collar, Unbuttoning a collar, ② Opening up (one’s heart)
開口(かいこう-ka i ko u) ① Opening one’s mouth, Beginning to speak, ② Opening, Aperture (e.g. camera)
開口一番(かいこういちばん-ka i ko u i chi ba n) At the very beginning of one’s speech, Immediately upon opening one’s mouth (to speak), Before anything else, First of all
開校(かいこう-ka i ko u) Opening of school
開港(かいこう-ka i ko u) Opening of a port
開講(かいこう-ka i ko u) ① Start of a course, Start of lectures, ② Opening of a new course
開国(かいこく-ka i ko ku) ① Founding a country, ② Opening of a country to the world, Ending a policy of national seclusion
開梱(かいこん-ka i ko n) Unpacking
開墾(かいこん-ka i ko n) Cultivating new land, Clearing, Reclamation
開催(かいさい-ka i sa i) Opening, Hosting (e.g. the Olympics), Holding (a conference, exhibition etc)
開削(かいさく-ka i sa ku) Excavation, Open cut, Drilling
開山(かいさん or かいざん-ka i sa n (or) ka i za n) Founder of a Buddhist temple, Pioneer, Founder, Founding father, Beginner
開始(かいし-ka i shi) Beginning, Start, Initiation
開場(かいじょう-ka i jo u) Opening (the doors of a venue), Opening, Inauguration (of a new building, facility etc)
開城(かいじょう-ka i jo u) Capitulation, Surrender of a castle, Surrender of a fortress
開進(かいしん-ka i shi n) ① Development of culture, Development of culture, ② Shifting of formation
開設(かいせつ-ka i se tsu) Establishment, Opening, Initiation, Foundation
開戦(かいせん-ka i se n) Outbreak of war, Starting a war
開祖(かいそ-ka i so) Founder, Founding father, Beginner, Father
開拓(かいたく-ka i ta ku) ① Reclamation, Cultivation, Development, ② Pioneering, Opening up (e.g. of a new market), Breaking new ground
開帳(かいちょう-ka i cho u) ① Unveiling (a Buddhist image), Public exhibition (of a Buddhist image), ② Revealing (something that is supposed to remain hidden), ③ Opening (a gambling house), Holding (a gambling party)
開陳(かいちん-ka i chi n) Stating one’s views, Expressing, Disclosure
開通(かいつう-ka i tsu u) ① Opening (of a new road, railway etc), Going into operation (e.g. telephone communication), ② Reopening (e.g. of a road to traffic), resumption of services
開廷(かいてい-ka i te i) Opening of court, Opening of trial
開店(かいてん-ka i te n) ① Opening of new shop, ② Opening a shop (for the day)
開店休業(かいてんきゅうぎょう-ka i te n kyu u gyo u) Being open but having virtually no business
開発(かいはつ-ka i ha tsu) Development, Exploitation (of resources)
開闢(かいびゃく-ka i bya ku) Offset, Outset, Beginning of the world, Creation
開票(かいひょう-ka i hyo u) Ballot counting, Vote counting
開封(かいふう-ka i fu u) ① Opening (a letter, parcel etc), Breaking the seal, ② Unboxing (a product)
開平(かいへい-ka i he i) Extraction of the square root
開閉(かいへい-ka i he i) Opening and shutting, Opening and closing, Switching, Grabbing motion, Make and break, Closing motion
開閉器(かいへいき-ka i he i ki) Circuit breaker, Switch
開放(かいほう-ka i ho u) ① Opening (a door, window etc), Leaving open, ② Opening up (e.g. to the public), Allowing (public) access
開幕(かいまく-ka i ma ku) Raising the curtain, Opening (of an event), Start, Beginning
開明(かいめい-ka i me i) Civilization, Enlightenment
開門(かいもん-ka i mo n) Opening of gate
開立(かいりつ-ka i ri tau) Extraction of the cubic root
開き直る(ひらきなおる-hi ra ki na o ru) To become defiant, To fight back, To turn upon, To take the offensive
公開(こうかい-ko u ka i) Opening to the public, Making available to the public, Exhibiting, Unveiling, Release (of a film, information etc), Disclosure, Publication
散開(さんかい-sa n ka i) Deployment, Spreading out, Dispersal
切開(せっかい-se kka i) Surgical incision, Incision, Operation
打開(だかい-da ka i) Disenchantment, To break in the deadlock
展開(てんかい-te n ka i) Development, Unfolding, Evolution, Progression, Expansion, Spreading out, Extending
半開(はんかい-ha n ka i) Half-open, Partly open
満開(まんかい-ma n ka i) Full bloom (esp. of cherry blossom), Full blossom
未開(みかい-mi ka i) ① Uncivilized, Primitive, Savage, Wild, ② Undeveloped (land), Unexplored (territory, field etc)


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