0033-Jouyou-kanji “意” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Mind” or “Intention” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “意”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “意” means “Thought”, “Meaning” or “Purport” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "意"

Jouyou Kanji “意”

Jouyou Kanji "意" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “意” Stroke Order

Stroke # 13 Strokes
On-Yomi い(i)
Kun-Yomi おも(う)(omo(u))
Meanings Mind, Thought, Feeling
Intention, Meaning
Think of, Consider

Kanji words which contain Kanji “意”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
意外(いがい-i ga i) Unexpected, Surprising, Out of the blue
意気(いき-i ki) Spirit, Will, Heart
意気軒昂(いきけんこう-i ki ke n ko u) In high spirits, Elated
意気消沈(いきしょうちん-i ki sho u chi n) Despondency, Be in low spirits, Melancholy
意気衝天(いきしょうてん-i ki sho u te n) In high spirits
意気阻喪(いきそそう-i ki so so u) Depressed in spirits, Rejection, Disheartened, Lacking nerve
意気投合(いきとうごう-i ki to u go u) Understanding each other, Sympathy, Find a kindred spirit in (a person), Mutual understanding
意気揚々(いきようよう-i ki yo u yo u) Triumphant, Exultant, In high and proud spirits
意義(いぎ-i gi) Meaning, Significance
意気地(いきじいくじ-i ki ji) Spiritedness, Proper pride, Sense of honor
意見(いけん-i ke n) Opinion, View, Suggestion
意向(いこう-i ko u) One’s intention, Intention, Idea, Inclination, Wish
意志(いし-i shi) Will, Volition, Intention, Intent, Determination
意志疎通(いしそつう-i shi so tsu u) Mutual understanding, Intelligence
意思(いし-i shi) Mind, Purpose, Intent, Intention
意思表示(いしひょうじ-i shi hyo u ji) Indicate one’s intention, Express one’s will, Declaration of intent
意字(いじ-i ji) Ideogram
意地(いじ-i ji) Nature, Willpower, Pride, Sense of honor, Obstinacy
意識(いしき-i shi ki) Consciousness, Awareness, Sense
意趣(いしゅ-i shu) ① Grudge, Malice, Spite, ② Intention, Reason
意匠(いしょう-i sho u) Design, Idea, Conception, Plan
意想外(いそうがい-i so u ga i) Unexpected, Unsuspected, Unlooked-for, Surprising
意中(いちゅう-i chu u) One’s mind, One’s heart, One’s intention
意中の人(いちゅうのひと-i chu u no hi to) Sweetheart, Person in one’s thoughts, Person one is thinking of
意図(いと-i to) Intention, Aim, Purport, Intent
意馬心猿(いばしんえん-i ba shi n e n) It is hard to keep one’s worldly desires and passions in check, Uncontrollable passions
意表(いひょう-i hyo u) Surprise, Something unexpected, Unexpectedness
意味(いみ-i mi) Meaning, Significance, Sense, Purport, Intent
意味深長(いみしんちょう-i mi shi n cho u) To be profound in meaning, Pregnant with meaning, Meaningful
意訳(いやく-i ya ku) Free translation, Liberal translation
意欲(いよく-i yo ku) Will, Desire, Eagerness, Drive, Motivation, Ambition
意力(いりょく-i ryo ku) Will-power, Volition, Self-command, Self-possession, Self-control
悪意(あくい-a ku i) Ill will, Spite, Evil intention, Malice, Bad faith
敬意(けいい-ke i i) Respect, Homage, Court, Deference, Reverence
決意(けつい-ke tsu i) Decision, Determination, Resolution, Conclusion
故意(こい-ko i) Intent, Intention, Bad faith, Mens rea, Malice aforethought
好意(こうい-ko u i) Goodwill, Affection, Liking (for someone), Love, Kindness, Favor, Friendliness
主意(しゅい-shu i) Heart and soul, Center, Heart, Essence, Inwardness, Essence, Burden, Gist, Core
神意(しんい-shi n i) Divine will, Providence
大意(たいい-ta i i) Synopsis, Precis, Summary, Gist, Outline
注意(ちゅうい-chu u i) ① Attention, Notice, Heed, ② Care, Caution, Precaution, Looking out, Watching out, ③ Advice, Warning, Caution, Reminder, ④ Admonishment, Reprimand
得意(とくい-to ku i) ① Satisfaction, Pride, Triumph, Elation, ② One’s strong poin, One’s forte, One’s specialty, ③ Regular customer, Regular client, Patron
本意(ほんい-ho n i) ① Real intention, True motive, True will, ② Original intention, Original purpose, Original hope
用意(ようい-yo u i) Preparation, Provision, Arrangements, Readiness
留意(りゅうい-ryu u i) Attention, Consideration, Notice