0027-Jouyou-kanji “異” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Difference” or “Strange” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “異”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “異” means “Odd”, “Unusual” or “Different thing” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "異"

Jouyou Kanji “異”

Jouyou Kanji "異" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “異” Stroke Order

Stroke # 11 Strokes
On-Yomi い(i)
Kun-Yomi こと(koto)
Meanings Differ, Different
Unusual, Rare
Separate, Distinguish

Kanji words which contain Kanji “異”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
異域(いいき-i i ki) Foreign lands, Foreign country, Abroad
異観(いかん-i ka n) Unusual scenery, Extraordinary sight, Unusual sight
異義(いぎ-i gi) Different meaning
異議(いぎ-i gi) Objection, Different opinion, Exception
異境(いきょう-i kyo u) Foreign country, Foreign land
異教(いきょう-i kyo u) Foreign religion, Pagan, Heresy
異郷(いきょう-i kyo u) Foreign country, Foreign land
異形(いけい-i ke i) Unusual shape, Variant, Irregular shape, Heteromorphy, Variant, Anomaly
異口同音(いくどうおん-i ku do u o n) Everyone say same opinion, Unanimously, With one voice, With one consent, In a chorus
異見(いけん-i ke n) Different view, Objection, Divergent opinion
異国(いこく-i ko ku) Foreign country
異国情緒(いこくじょうしょ-i ko ku jo u sho) Exoticism, Exotic atmosphere, Exotic mood
異才(いさい-i sa i) Genius, Prodigy, Person of great talent, Remarkable person
異彩(いさい-i sa i) Prominence, Distinctiveness, Brilliance
異質(いしつ-i shi tsu) Different (quality or nature etc), Heterogeneous
異種(いしゅ-i shu) Different kind (species or variety), Heterologous, Heterogenous
異臭(いしゅう-i shu u) Offensive smell, Off-flavor, Off‐odor, Stink
異状(いじょう-i jo u) Something wrong, Accident, Abnormality, Alteration
異常(いじょう-i jo u) Unusual, Extraordinary, Abnormal
異色(いしょく-i sho ku) ① Unique, Distinctive, Novel, Singular, Unusual, Special, ② Different color
異人(いじん-i ji n) Foreigner, Stranger, Alien
異教(いきょう-i kyo u) Foreign religion, Heathenism, Paganism
異姓(いせい-i se i) Different surname, Different family name
異性(いせい-i se i) ① Opposite sex, ② Isomerism
異説(いせつ-i se tsu) Different view, Different opinions, Alternative theory, Dissenting view
異相(いそう-i so u) Heterogenous phase, Distinguishing characteristic, Distinctive feature
異俗(いぞく-i zo ku) Strange custom, Quaint custom
異存(いぞん-i zo n) Objection
異体(いたい-i ta i) Variant, Different body
異体同心(いたいどうしん-i ta i do u shi n) Being of one mind, Acting in one accord, Behaving in perfect harmony
異端(いたん-i ta n) Hereticalness, Heterodoxy, Unorthodoxy
異朝(いちょう-i cho u) Foreign court, Foreign country
異同(いどう-i do u) Difference, Diversity
異動(いどう-i do u) Personnel change, Transfer, Relocation, Reassignment, Reshuffle
異父(いふ- i fu) Stepfather
異物(いぶつ-i bu tsu) Alien substance, Foreign matter, Contamination, Foreign substance, Foreign body
異聞(いぶん-i bu n) Strange tale, Curious report, Strange report, Strange rumor
異分子(いぶんし-i bu n shi) Foreign element, Alien element, Outsider, Foreigner
異変(いへん-i he n) Unusual event, Strange occurrence, Strange phenomenon, Something abnormal, Accident, Calamity
異母(いぼ-i bo) Different mother
異邦(いほう-i ho u) Foreign country
異本(いほん-i ho n) Variant edition (of a book), Alternative version of a book, Different manuscript
異名(いめい-i me i) Another name, Alternate name
異様(いよう-i yo u) Bizarre, Strange, Eccentric, Odd, Queer
異例(いれい-i re i) Exceptional, Anomaly, Unusual, Extraordinary
異論(いろん-i ro n) Different opinion, Exception, Objection, Divergent opinions
怪異(かいい-ka i i) ① Mystery, Curiosity, Strangeness, Monstrosity, ② Ghost, Monster, Apparition, Phantom
奇異(きい-ki i) Odd, Strange, Queer, Peculiar
殊異(しゅい-shu i) Peculiar, Singular, Special, Particular, Unique
大同小異(だいどうしょうい-da i do u sho u i) Be much alike, General resemblance, Substantially the same
珍異(ちんい-chi n i) Strange, Rare, Novel, Curious
同異(どうい-do u i) Identity and difference, Similarities and differences
特異(とくい-to ku i) Unique, Peculiar, Singular
変異(へんい-he n i) Variation, Modification, Mutation, Transmutation


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