0004-Jouyou-kanji “愛” Stroke Order and Meanings

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“Love” or “Affection” in Japanese kanji, and the Stroke Order and Meanings of Kanji “愛”

Japanese Jouyou-kanji “愛” means “Amor”, “Tenderness” or “Warmheartedness” etc.

Jouyou Kanji "愛"

Jouyou Kanji “愛”

Jouyou Kanji "愛" Stroke Order

Jouyou Kanji “愛” Stroke Order

Stroke # 13 Strokes
On-Yomi あい(ai)
Kun-Yomi いと(しい)(ito(shii))
Meanings Dear, Love, Beloved
Cherish, Value Highly
Cute, Adorable

Kanji words which contain Kanji “愛”, and their meanings

Words Meanings
愛育(あいいく-a i i ku) Tender nurture, Affectionate rearing, Raising with loving care
愛飲(あいいん-a i i n) Drinking habitually, Being fond of (a drink)
愛煙家(あいえんか-a i e n ka) Regular smoker, Habitual smoker, Heavy smoker
愛玩(あいがん-a i ga n) Caring for (esp. a pet or a small object), Cherishing, Being fond of, Prizing, Treasuring
愛郷(あいきょう-a i kyo u) To love for one’s hometown
愛吟(あいぎん-a i gi n) To love of reciting or singing favourite poems or songs
愛敬(あいきょう-a i kyo u) Charm, Attractiveness, Amiability, Winsomeness, Cuteness
愛敬(あいけい-a i ke i) Love and respect
愛犬(あいけん-a i ke n) Pet dog, Beloved dog
愛顧(あいこ-a i ko) Patronage, Favor, Commercial backing
愛護(あいご-a i go) Protection, Kind treatment, Tender care
愛好(あいこう-a i ko u) Love, Adoration, Inclination
愛国(あいこく-ai ko ku) Patriotism, Love of one’s country
愛児(あいじ-a i ji) One’s dear child, Beloved child
愛日(あいじつ-a i ji tsu) ① Winter daylight, Winter sunlight, ② To try to make the most of each day
愛称(あいしょう-a i sho u) Nickname, Informal (a popular or an everyday) name
愛唱(あいしょう-a i sho u) ① A song one likes to sing, One’s favorite song, ② Loving to sing a song
愛情(あいじょう-a i jo u) Affection, Love
愛嬢(あいじょう-a i jo u) One’s beloved daughter
愛人(あいじん-a i ji n) One’s lover, One’s boyfriend (or girlfriend), One’s mistress
愛惜(あいせき-a i se ki) To miss someone, To loath to part
愛染(あいぜん-a i ze n) Being drawn to something one loves, Amorous passion
愛染明王(あいぜんみょうおう-a i ze n myo u o u) Ragaraja (esoteric school deity of love)
愛想(あいそう-a i so u) ① Amiability, Friendliness, Affability, Sociability, ② Fondness (of someone), Affection, Liking, ③ Compliments, Civilities, Courtesies, Flattery, ④ Hospitality, Special treatment, Entertainment, ⑤ Bill (at a restaurant), Check
愛憎(あいぞう-a i zo u) Love and hatred
愛蔵(あいぞう-a i zo u) Treasured, Cherished
愛息(あいそく-a i so ku) Beloved son, Dear son
愛着(あいちゃく- a i cha ku) Fondness, Attachment, Affection, Addiction, Craving
愛鳥(あいちょう-a i cho u) ① To love wild birds, Protecting wild birds,② Pet bird
愛寵(あいちょう-a i cho u) ① Favor, Love, ② Loving woman, Mistress
愛読(あいどく-a i do ku) Reading with pleasure
愛馬(あいば-a i ba) Favorite horse
愛撫(あいぶ-a i bu) Caress, Fondling, Sexual petting
愛別離苦(あいべつりく-a i be tsu ri ku) The pain of separation from loved ones
愛慕(あいぼ-a i bo) Love, Attachment, Adoration
愛用(あいよう-a i yo u) Habitual use
愛用品(あいようひん-a i yo u hi n) Favorite goods
愛欲(あいよく-a i yo u) Sexual desire, Lust, Passion
愛憐(あいれん-a i re n) Compassion, Pity, Sympathy
遺愛(いあい-i a i) Bequest, Relic, Cherished thing (by the deceased)
割愛(かつあい-ka tsu a i) Omit, Give up
自愛(じあい-ji a i) ① Taking care of oneself, ② Self-love
慈愛(じあい-ji a i) Benevolence, Affection (esp. parental), Fondness
情愛(じょうあい-jo u a i) Affection, Love
親愛(しんあい-shi n a i) Deep affection, Dear, Beloved
仁愛(じんあい-ji n a i) ① Humanity, ② Charity, Brotherly love
博愛(はくあい-ha ku a i) Philanthropy, Benevolence, Humanity
偏愛(へんあい-he n a i) Favoritism, Partiality
友愛(ゆうあい-yu u a i) Friendship, Fraternity
恋愛(れんあい-re n a i) Love, Romance