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Hiragana "ya"

This is “ya” for Hiragana.

Katakana "ya"

This is “ya” for Katakana.

Here is a video of Japanese Hiragana stroke orders for や(ya) ゆ(yu) よ(yo), ら(ra) り(ri) る(ru) れ(re) ろ(ro), わ(wa) を(wo) and ん(n).

Here is a video of Japanese Katakana stroke orders for ヤ(ya) ユ(yu) ヨ(yo) - ラ(ra) リ(ri) ル(ru) レ(re) ロ(ro) - ワ(wa) ヲ(wo) - ン(n).

Pronunciation of や ゆ よ

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