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手- Kanji for hand

Here you can see some popular human body part names in Japanese. The kanji 手 (て-te) means hand. Please check the following lists of Japanese body part names and learn how to pronounce the each body parts in Japanese by reading the Romaji and also learn how to write their name in Japanese letters.

  • Body — 身体 (からだ-karada)
  • Hand — (て-te)
  • Arm — (うで-ude)
  • Finger — (ゆび-yubi)
  • Nail — (つめ-tsume)
  • Foot — (あし-ashi)
  • Leg — (あし-ashi)
  • Thigh — 太腿 (ふともも-futomomo)
  • Head — (あたま-atama)
  • Eye — (め-me)
  • Brow — (まゆ-mayu)
  • Eyelids — (まぶた-mabuta)
  • Ear — (みみ-mimi)
  • Nose — (はな-hana)
  • Mouth — (くち-kuchi)
  • Tongue — (した-shita)
  • Tooth — (は-ha)
  • forehead — (ひたい-hitai)
  • Cheek — (ほほ-hoho)
  • Jaw — (あご-ago)
  • Hair — 頭髪 (とうはつ-touhatsu)
  • Body — 胴体 (どうたい-doutai)
  • Neck — (くび-kubi)
  • Shoulder — (かた-kata)
  • Chest — (むね-mune)
  • Belly — (はら-hara)
  • Back — 背中 (せなか-senaka)
  • Abdomen — 下腹部 (かふくぶ-kafukubu)
  • Hip — 臀部 (でんぶ-denbu)
  • Navel — (へそ-heso)

Even though we translate both of the Japanese words “身体 (からだ – karada or しんたい – shintai)” and “胴体” as body, usually “身体” means whole body while “胴体” represents the part of the body which is excluded head, arms and legs from a whole body. And “身体 (からだ – karada or しんたい – shintai)” and “体 (からだ – karada)” is same meaning.

Even though I used a word “頭髪” for translating head hair, “髪の毛 (かみ の け -kami no ke)” is usually more popularly used in our daily conversation.

The word “ (しり-shiri)” or “お尻 (おしり-oshiri)” are more popularly used than “臀部 (でんぶ-denbu)” in daily conversation.

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