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Japanese Words for Bow and Arrow

October 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Kanji Yumi for Bow

Kanji Yumi for Bow

In Japanese, we use the Kanji "弓(ゆみ - yumi)" for express "bows" and the Kanji "矢(や - ya)" for "arrows" and both of them are usually treated same occasion so we use the word "弓矢(ゆみや - yumiya)" for expressing "bows and arrows".

And we have a few popular words and phrases related these words. For example;

"弓道部(きゅうどうぶ - kyuudoubu)" - An extracurricular activity club for school students who practice the Japanese style "弓矢" skill.

"矢面に立つ(やおもてにたつ - yaomoteni tatsu)" - This phrase has a same meaning of the English phrase "bear the brunt of".

Kanji Ya for Arrow

Kanji Ya for Arrow

The following sentences are some of the examples in which some of above words are used.

  • "我々の高校には、弓道部だけでなくアーチェリー部もある(wareware no koukou niha kyuudoubu dakede naku a-cheri-bu mo aru)" - In our high school, we have not only a kyuudou club but also an archery club (as the extracurricular activities).
  • "彼は質問の矢面に立った(kare ha shitsumon no yaomote ni tatta)" - He bore the brunt of the questions.

Kanji Stroke Order for 弓矢

Stroke Order for 弓矢

Stroke Order for 弓矢

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