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Japanese Word for Tear and Related Words

October 14th, 2014 · No Comments

Japanese Word for Tear

涙 means Tear

Japanese Word for Tear

We use Japanese word "涙(なみだ-namida)" for translating English word "Tear" into Japanese. I showed this Japanese word image on the left side of this page.

And we have a few other same meaning words in Japan such as "涕(なみだ-namida)" and "泪(なみだ-namida)". And following words are some "なみだ" related word; "落涙(らくるい-rakurui)", "涙声(なみだごえ-namidagoe)", "感涙(かんるい-kanrui)" and "感涕(かんてい-kantei)" etc.

The word "落涙(らくるい-rakurui)" means "to shed tears" and the word "涙声(なみだごえ-namida goe)" means "tearful voice". And "感涙(かんるい-kanrui)" and "感涕(かんてい-kantei)" are same meaning words and mean "tears of gratitude".

Japanese Word for Tear

涕 means Tear

Japanese Word for Tear

泪 means Tear

Japanese Word "Rakurui"

落涙 means "To Shed Tears"

Japanese Word for Tearful Voice

涙声 means Tearful Voice

Japanese Word "Kanrui"

感涙 means Tears of Gratitude

Japanese Word "Kantei"

感涕 means Tears of Gratitude

Kanji Stroke Order for 涙

Kanji Stroke Order for 涙

Kanji Stroke Order for 涙

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