Japanese Word Images for Sea

Japanese Word for Sea
海 means Sea

In Japan we use the word "海(うみ-umi)" for the English word "Sea".

Usually this kanji word "海" is used for "local sea" such as "北海(ほっかい-hokkai)" for "North Sea", "東シナ海(ひがししなかい-higashishinakai)" for "East China Sea" and "ベーリング海(べーりんぐかい-beringukai)" for "Bering Sea" etc.

And for ocean, we use "洋(よう-you or なだ-nada)". So for Pacific Ocean we say "太平洋(たいへいよう-taiheiyou)", for Atlantic Ocean we say "大西洋(たいせいよう-taiseiyou)" and for Idean Ocean we say "インド洋(いんどよう-indoyou)". And just for any ocean we use the following words; "大洋(たいよう-taiyou)", "海洋(かいよう-kaiyou)" or "外海(そとうみ-sotoumi)" etc.

Japanese Word for Ocean
大洋 means Ocean
Japanese Word for Ocean
海洋 means Ocean
Japanese Word for Ocean
外海 means Ocean
Japanese Words for Pacific Ocean
太平洋 means Pacific Ocean
Japanese Word for Atlantic Ocean
大西洋 means Atlantic Ocean
Japanese Word for Indian Ocean
インド洋 means Indian Ocean

Kanji Stroke Order for 海

Stroke Order for 海
Stroke Order for 海

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