Japanese Word Images for Protection

Japanese Word for Protection
保護 means Protection

In Japan we use the word "保護(ほご-hogo)" for the English word "Protection". And we have several similar meaning words for this English word "Protection". The following words are some examples; "防護(ぼうご-bougo)" means "Protection", "防御(ぼうぎょ-bougyo)" means "Defense" or "Protection" and "プロテクション(ぷろてくしょん-purotekushon)" means "Protection" etc.

The word "Protection" is pretty popular word in Japan so the last example "プロテクション" is just the one which is pronounced "Protection" in Japanese way.

Japanese Word for Protection
防護 means Protection
Japanese Word for Defense
防御 means Defense or Protection
Japanese Word for Guard
守護 means Guard
Japanese Word for Guardian Spirit
守護霊 means Guardian Spirit

And also we have a similar meaning word "守護(しゅご-shugo)". The meanings of this word are "Protection" and "Guard" etc. And if you like Japanese "Anime" or "Manga", You probably know the word "守護霊(しゅごれい-shugorei)". This word "守護霊" is often used in some types of Japanese Anime and the meaning of this word is "Guardian Spirit".

Kanji Stroke Order for 保護

Stroke Order for 保護
Stroke Order for 保護

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