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Japanese Word Images for Gorgeous

June 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Japanese Word for Gorgeous

豪華 means Gorgeous

In Japan we use the word "豪華(ごうか-gouka)" for the English word "Gorgeous". And we have a few similar meaning words for "Gorgeous". Here are a couple of the example Japanese words; "絢爛(けんらん-kenran)" means Gorgeous, Dazzling or Brilliant etc. And another example word is "豪華絢爛(ごうかけんらん-goukakenran)". As you can easily notice that this Kanji word is consisted with two Japanese words "豪華" and "絢爛". As I just mentioned that these two words are almost same meanings so the word "豪華絢爛" is enhanced version of "豪華" or "絢爛".

Japanese Word for Gorgeous

絢爛 means Gorgeous, Dazzling or Brilliant

Japanese Word for Gorgeous

豪華絢爛 means Very Gorgeous and Dazzling

Kanji Stroke Order for 豪華

Stroke Order for 豪華

Stroke Order for 豪華

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