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Japanese Word Images for Fantacy or Illusion

May 22nd, 2014 · 1 Comment

Japanese Word for Fantasy

幻想 means Fantasy or Illusion

In Japan we use following kanji word "幻想(げんそう-gensou)" or "空想(くうそう kuusou)" for the English word "Fantacy". And we have several similar meaning words for these words. Here are some examples; "幻(まぼろし-maboroshi)" means "Phantom", "幻影(げんえい-genei)" means "Illusion", "幻覚(げんかく-genkaku)" means "Hallucination" , "錯覚(さっかく-sakkaku)" means "Illusion", "迷妄(めいもう-meimou)" means "Delusion" etc.

Japanese Word for Fantasy

空想 means Fantasy

Japanese Word for Phantom

幻 means Phantom

Japanese Word for Illusion

幻影 means Illusion

Japanese Word for Hallucination

幻覚 means Hallucination

Japanese Word for Illusion

錯覚 means Illusion

Japanese Word for Delusion

迷妄 means Delusion

Kanji Stroke Order for 幻想

Stroke Order for 幻想

Stroke Order for 幻想

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