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Japanese Word Images for Brave

May 31st, 2014 · 1 Comment

Japanese Word for Brave

勇者 means Brave

In Japan we use the word "勇者(ゆうしゃ-yuusha)" or "勇士(ゆうし-yuushi)"for the English word "Brave" when we treat this word as noun. And when we treat this word ""brave" as adjective, we translate it as "勇敢な(ゆうかんな-yuukanna)."

And for the noun version: "Bravery", we use the Japanese word "勇気(ゆうき-yuuki)" or "勇敢(ゆうかん-yuukan)" when we translate into Japanese.

Japanese Word for Brave

勇士 means Brave

Japanese Word for Bravery

勇気 means Bravery

Japanese Word for Bravery

勇敢 means Bravery

Kanji Stroke Order for 勇士

Stroke Order for 勇士

Stroke Order for 勇士

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