Japanese Word Images for Belief

Japanese Word for Belief
信念 means Belief

In Japan we use the word "信念(しんねん-shinnen)" for the English word "Belief".

We have a few other words which are used to translate the word "Belief" in Japanese. Here are some examples; "所信(しょしん-shoshin)": the main meaning is "Belief", "信条(しんじょう-shinjou)": the main meaning is "Creed" and "信奉(しんぽう-shinpou)": the main meaning is "Faith" etc.

Japanese Word for Belief
所信 means Belief
Japanese Word for Creed
信条 means Creed
Japanese Word for Faith
信奉 means Faith

Kanji Stroke Order for 信念

Stroke Order for 信念
Stroke Order for 信念
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