Japanese Word Images for The English Word “Jealousy”

Japanese Word for Jealousy
嫉妬 means Jealousy

We use this Japanese Kanji word "嫉妬(しっと-shitto)" for translating English word "Jealousy" into Japanese. And also in some case we use "妬み(ねたみ-netami)", "焼き餅 [or 焼餅](やきもち-yakimochi)" etc for translating "Jealousy" depending on the contents of a sentence in which the word "Jealousy" is used.

The words "嫉妬", "焼き餅 or 焼餅" have almost same meaning and most of the time used for translating the word "Jealousy" but the word "妬み" often used for translating the English word "Envy" as well as "Jealousy".

Japanese Word for Jealousy
焼き餅 means Jealousy
Japanese Word for Jealousy
焼餅 means Jealousy
Japanese Word for Envy or Jealousy
妬み means Envy or Jealousy

Kanji Stroke Order for 嫉妬

Stroke Order for 嫉妬
Stroke Order for 嫉妬

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